Quality Management

Our Quality Policy

The prior objective of Yetkin Construction as a commercial entity and for each company member, is to serve at the highest service standards and to provide unlimited Client satisfaction. Excellency is not a choice but a must of our business and our main goal is to reach this objective.

We herewith commit the execution of principles given here-below at each field we have activities:

  • Covering the requirements of our leading role in the quality issue;
  • By providing design, laborship and service quality through each product, reaching the highest quality level;
  • By covering the quality issues in internal communication, providing of precious integrated team work;
  • By giving the priority to the quality issues in the internal training programs, bringing the individual improvement of each member to a level convenient to moderate requirements;
  • By the execution of individual liabilities completely, reaching to the quality objectives;
  • Carrying out necessary activities for continuous improvement the effectiveness of the Quality Management System;
  • Covering the necessities of legal, regulatory and Client’s contractual requirements exclusively.

Our Environmental Policy

Yetkin Construction aimed at the protection of natural environment, while conducting its production activities at top quality level. In this respect, we confirm that we will realize the principles given-below, related with the environment we borrowed from future generations, in every area we have activities:

  • To prevent air, water, soil pollution in a continuous improvement manner,
  • To comply with the legal legislation about environment, administrative regulations and the rules that should naturally be obeyed,
  • To provide execution of design activities with minimum environmental affects,
  • In situations when conditions cannot be interfered, not participating in the production activities which may have significant and negative effects on environment,
  • Within the framework of engineering principles, using environment friendly inputs throughout our activities,
  • To share the acquired environmental experiences with public, private sector corporations and non-governmental organizations mutually,
  • In scope of production activities, to spend excessive emphasis on the utilizing of natural resources in the most effective way, the provisions of source saving and recycling,
  • To provide the necessary training and education programs for bringing all our staff, suppliers and subcontractors to the required level of environmental consciousness.

Our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy

In conducting its activities of production at the highest level of quality, Yetkin Construction considers the issue of unexceptional protection of occupational health and safety of its employers and continuous improvement of the working environment as one of its main targets. In this context, we commit ourselves to provide and maintain the following conditions:

  • Provision of elimination of occupational health and safety risks through preventive actions,
  • Provision of continuous improvement as regards to OHS issues,
  • Strictly obeying the applicable OHS legislation in force, administrative regulations and conditions of subscribed organizations,
  • Provision of training so as to make both direct company personnel and the employees of subcontractors aware of their individual OHS responsibilities,
  • Periodic review of OHS Policy so as to maintain compliance with conditions,
  • Reciprocal exchange of OHS experience acquired with public, private sector entities and non-governmental organisations.